“Jax is fantastic, extremely personable and provides an excellent service. We invited her to provide a group meditation reiki session with our service users and they absolutely loved the experience. Would definitely recommend Feel Good Naturally’s services.” Hannah, Dewsbury

“After attending a local 4N Friday morning meeting & was happy to find out that Jackie was holding the mornings 4Sight. I knew it was going to be something based around her knowledge & passion for health & wellbeing but what I didn’t expect was the impact it had on me.  Jackie talked about the impact of what caffeine has on our health. The way she told the story in real life happenings is what made me make a shift for the next month.  I walked away from that meeting on a mission to replace coffee with better alternatives that was going to make me healthier, perform at an higher level within my business and make me feel better.  Jackie, thank you so much for having such an impact in such a short space of time” Andrew M, Barnsley

“Thank you very much, Jackie, for giving up your time to deliver a presentation to the  Group on Monday 14 October. The topic was well received and very enjoyable for the group to listen and to watch. You had so many people volunteering to have the Reiki treatment. …..and so many questions.”  Catherine, Halifax



“The detox is really giving me the structure to develop much more self discipline and its working – no desire to eat outside the programme, no desire or need to have a drink! My overall calorie and carb intake is significantly lower than previously  –  even when I was looking after myself. The meals I have prepared have been far more interesting and nutritious and everyone else has commented on them .  The weight just seems to continue to be coming off.” Andrew L, Holmfirth

“Jackie has recently performed a Nutritional Analysis on me. I can honestly say the information she has given me is astounding. She has given me dietary advice which has left me feeling healthier and looking better. I will continue to utilise Jackies fountain of knowledge!!” Caroline A, Wakefield

“I had no major problems, but like many people, getting my health and diet back on track after Christmas is a fairly common desire. I’ve always been sceptical about dieting and signing up to particular product ranges, but after talking to Jackie, getting to know her passion and knowledge for health and nutrition I felt confident she would give me the right advice tailored to my own needs.  Jackie has lead me to a much more health conscious lifestyle. I can fully recommend Jackie not only for all levels of diet and nutritional advice, but to listen to your individual needs and help you to achieve your own goals in a healthy manner, no matter how big or small the challenge!” Angela B, Halifax

“Jackie has an passion for nutrition and health which is clearly shown through her work! I was given very detailed and bespoke information about my personal situation and different choices for me to then take away. I was also shown general information which I have found very useful for not only me but people around me. Thank you for all your expertise I will definitely recommend you to other people whenever I can! Emma B, Halifax



“Whenever I am getting somewhere in my life I feel I have a bungee rope attached to me which keeps pulling me backwards. Jackie has helped me to identify the reasons I was holding back and I can now move forward with my life”. Philip, Batley

“Jackie is simply a very nice person. If you want a sympathetic or helpful ear for many health & wellbeing issues making your life a misery, then give her a call and find out about the healthy alternatives to endless bottles of pills. And then get her to sing you a song!”  Tim, Leeds

“Jackie is both personable, professional and most importantly, approachable with any issue that I may have.  Her ability to draw out the underlying causes of the anxiety and help address the issues is both unobtrusive and relaxed”. Adam, Leeds

“Jackie taught me how to relax and breathe away the anxiety, I learnt how to visualise swimming successfully and gained confidence in my ability to float and not drown. I am now a firm advocate for mindfulness and would recommend Jackie to anyone with phobias or self-confidence issues”. Debbie, Brighouse

Our child saw Jackie over the period of a couple of months. She very quickly “got” him and engaged with him (as well as with his very demanding sister) quite naturally. She taught several mindfulness techniques as well as general relaxation techniques that were of great help and reassurance to him. Not only that but she thought outside the box to introduce other invaluable processes that were tailored to his interests and responses. I would happily recommend Jackie to anybody whose children struggle to relax or unwind or needs help in similar areas. Jennifer, Wyke

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