Pain Management

pain managment relief

Rid yourself of un-necessary pain and suffering

There are different types of pain, be it emotional or physical.

Emotional Pain – Being in emotional pain where you are stressed, tired and feeling like you cannot cope can then lead to physical pain.  The Focussed Mindfulness Pain Release Process allows you to understand your pain, where it comes from and gives you the tools to deal with it effectively. You might have experienced something earlier in your life that is causing you dis-ease, maybe you couldn’t deal with the bullies or maybe you couldn’t say what you wanted to say to a person who is no longer around. By resolving these past issues and lessening their impact on the present clients can then move forward more positively.

Physical Pain – I have suffered from debilitating stomach cramps due to my Crohn’s Disease as well as chronic back pain due to my Arthritis in my back and hip.   I know how much it can affect your life and that is why I adopt a very natural approach showing you which foods contain anti-inflammatory qualities and which ones can help with pain relief. I have been able to help my clients eliminate/reduce the need for pain killing medication which have their own side-effects by introducing these foods into their diet.

If you would like to know more then please book in for a free 30 minute consultation.

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