Mindful Eating

Mind Body Health Nutrition Mindset

Healthy Mind = Healthy Body

Diets do work, they help people to lose weight quickly but 95% of diets then don’t go on to work as they haven’t helped the person to come to terms with why they gained weight in the first place. Most people then go back to the same eating habits as before and put the weight back on, often putting more back on.

Do you lose weight for Summer, then need to lose it again for the Christmas parties, then need to lose it again after Christmas? Does your New Years resolution never last past January?

I often see people posting on social media that they have binged and now feel so guilty that they continue to comfort eat and then feel more guilty and so on until they give up altogether as losing weight is too hard. If you are an emotional eater then when something happens in your life that you feel emotional about then you go for the comfort foods that make you feel better in the short term.

However it’s not hard to lose weight if you have the right mindset. Understanding your triggers and removing their hold on you so you won’t respond to life’s challenges the same giving you a healthy body and healthy mind.   Coupled with knowing what you can eat rather than being told what you can’t eat allows you to say Yes to food without feeling guilty

I can help provide you with a Healthy Mind and a Healthy Body.

Would you like to:-

  • Identify why you eat the foods you do
  • Identify what type of eater you are and the reason why you eat the foods you do
  • Remove the impact that food has on you and those around you
  • Deal with any emotional or physical pain you have
  • Break the bad habits and make small changes to improve your wellbeing
  • Not feel guilty

Contact me today on 07857 223135 or via email at Jackie@feelgoodnaturally.co.uk so we can get your health back on track the natural way

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