White Feather Qigong

Qigong can be defined as a system of mindful movement derived from the study of meditation and martial arts combined with the principles and theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


What is Qigong?

Qigong is a gentle set of physical exercises that combine with breathing practices in order to improve the overall health of the practitioner. The breathing element progresses to enhance the meditative aspect of this ancient art form and it falls comfortably into the category of moving meditation.

Learning Qigong is the first step on a journey of a healthier and more balanced lifestyle and deeper awareness. It is simple to learn and is accessible for people of all ages and mobility ranges.

Classes can be either in a group setting or on a one-to-one basis and consists of a few important elements. ● breathing ● warm up ● meditation ● form practice ● Qigong massage


Why practice Qigong?

The benefits of White Feather Qigong are many and the results of regular Qigong practice will provide a boost to you overall health, including-

    • Enhanced flexibility
    • Improved core strength
    • A calmer and more focused mind
    • A more robust immune system
    • Strengthens the organs
    • Improves cognitive function and coordination
    • Protects the heart
    • Preventing injuries (from overtraining or poor flexibility)
    • Good for the skin
    • Helps promote a healthy balanced mood


White Feather Qigong

The movements and techniques within White Feather Qigong are designed to bring your qi into harmony and balance, promoting wellness, strength, longevity, mental stability, spiritual and personal awareness and confidence, flexibility, and protection from illnesses.

White Feather qigong is tailored to help-

      • The elderly and those with limited mobility
      • Pregnant and post-natal women
      • Sufferers of anxiety and depression

The exercises are versatile and will provide a great level of healing for everyone who takes part.  As the movements can be done standing or seated, the classes can be accessible to all ages.

Please note: – That qigong is a complementary therapy and does not replace professional medical advice or medication.