Mindfulness for Children

Mindfulness is very important for Children

It can provide them with the coping techniques for life challenges such as divorce, bullying, exam results.   It is important to give them the tools to help improve their self-esteem and allow them to be heard.

Often children can feel unhappy, unloved, jealous, like they don’t fit in and the “Bully Slayer  and bullying is the way that they feel control of their life? Sometimes the bully just wants to be heard.   Yes their behaviour is not acceptable but unless someone takes bullying seriously and deals with both the victim and the bully as human beings then it will continue.

So do you know any children or young adults in school/college that may be suffering from low self-esteem, being bullied, being a loner, self-harmer?

They could be thinking:-
·   I’m not good enough
·   I’m not liked
·   I’m a failure

They may be feeling:-
·   Like they don’t fit in
·   They are unwanted
·   They are unloved
·   They aren’t good enough
·   That they have no control
·   Like they are someone’s best friend until the next one comes along

Becoming more mindful helps children/adults improve how they regulate circumstances in their life that affect mental and physical wellbeing and happiness. This is where I can help either on a one to one basis or in a group environment.

The Mindfulness for Children programme includes the best bits from the various mindfulness training I have undertaken over the last 4 years.   Even though it is aimed at children – parents and people who work with children will benefit from attending some if not all of these sessions, learning how to engage with your child in the world of “pure Imagination”.  Sometimes adults forget the enjoyment of being a child in a world of pressure, fast living and technology.  This course takes you back to basics.   Topics include

  1. Creativity and IQ
  2. Worrying, bullying, self-esteem and empowerment
  3. Living on auto pilot/Simplifying your child’s life
  4. The language of Love and Gratitude
  5. Mindfulness and Daydreaming
  6. Breathing Exercises
  7. Meditations and Visualisations
  8. Mindful Eating
  9. Bullying, self-esteem and empowerment

“If you want to view paradise – Simply look around and view it,  Anything you want to, do it – Want to change the world? – There’s nothing to it, There is no life I know – To compare with pure imagination”.  Willy Wonka

“Our child saw Jackie over the period of a couple of months. She very quickly “got” him and engaged with him (as well as with his very demanding sister) quite naturally. She taught several mindfulness techniques as well as general relaxation techniques that were of great help and reassurance to him. Not only that but she thought outside the box to introduce other invaluable processes that were tailored to his interests and responses. I would happily recommend Jackie to anybody whose children struggle to relax or unwind or needs help in similar areas”