Mindful Relationships

When I talk with my clients, relationship issues normally come up in the discussion.


I don’t feel listened to- They are driving me crazy – He/She won’t change

I am/they are too tired for sex – I am sick of the fighting and arguing

They are always moaning – I don’t feel loved

Have you wanted to change someone but they never seem to change?

Do certain people press the wrong buttons in you which cause you to feel anxious, stressed, annoyed?

Has something happened that you don’t understand and has triggered some emotional responses within you?

The problem with this is that people don’t often change, all you can do is change how you respond around that person or to a particular situation.   If someone or something is annoying you, you can either accept it or you can walk away.

If you can’t walk away then I will help you to understand the emotions these people trigger in you and give you the tools and techniques to cope in those certain situations.   This will allow you to live a more peaceful life.

When my husband first asked for a trial separation, numerous emotions and thoughts occured.  The first thing that happened was I was in a state of shock.  I never saw it coming?  I had always been a good and loyal wife.   I often asked myself what had I done wrong?

Was this a permanent arrangement? – Could I do anything differently to stop it going to the next step?  I didn’t want my marriage to end.   Would I be able to cope on my own?  Where would I live etc etc.

I felt betrayed, unloved, unappreciated, a failure.     There may be an element of grief for the end of that relationship as you knew it

As these thoughts swim around your mind,  it places a great deal of stress on your life, personal and even work relationships.

What I want to help you to do is to give you the techniques to deal with those emotions that become present,  learning to come to terms with what has happened and help you look to the future.

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