The mind dump can be done at any point during the day that you feel comfortable however quite a few people do it in the morning so they can start the day afresh. It is a daily practice that is a helpful and simple tool to help quieten thoughts and to become more mindful with your emotions.  Helping you to get rid of any anxiety, stress or anger by writing down your thoughts without any judgement or overthinking.

Personally I do the mind dump in the evening as I choose to meditate in the morning, however there isn’t a right or wrong time to do it, find out what is right for you.

  1. If you are doing it in the morning then wake up approximately 30 minutes before you would have got up. Get yourself a drink, find a calm, comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed, don’t turn on your phone/social media anything that can be a distraction.
  1. Get yourself a nice note book with pull-out pages, turn to a clean page and begin to write.
  1. Dump on the page any concerns you might have, your fears, your anxieties, any emotions that have come up, any limiting beliefs that have raised their ugly head.
  1. Write fast, don’t stop to think, judge or re-read. Keep writing until you run out of things to write about or you have simply run out of time.     Then simply tear out the pages you have just written, destroy them, and start your day., continue your day or go to sleep.

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