Connecting to your WHY!

My latest client got their “lightbulb moment” in the first 15 minutes of our session.  From there everything else fell into place.  They had been pondering a BIG decision for a while,  not sure what to do and were getting differing views from their friends.  Their mind had weighed the pros and cons of the decisions but both paths looked like they were equally matched.  So do you try something new or is it better the devil you know?

Have you ever heard of the phrases “listen to your heart” (great Roxette song by the way) or “go with your gut feeling”/”gut instinct”.  Often the heart and gut are the ones we should listen to but we often let our minds change our views, we listen to our inner voice, the old limiting beliefs come in, past experiences start to cloud our judgment.  Therefore I asked my client what they felt in their heart and gut they said “They were sitting on the fence”.  The grass was green on both sides but which way to jump.

So I asked them to close their eyes and visualise themselves in 5 years time.  What were they doing, how were they feeling, how were they acting and how were people acting around them?

They described the future in detail and from getting in touch with what they wanted from life allowed them to connect to their “WHY” – why were they doing what they were doing now, what did they want to do and which path was going to get them there.   Which path was going to give them the future they wanted.

Sometimes the Connecting to your why? can be surprising.   You might think that the decision revolves about money and job security but when you look into the future you want the flexibility to be with your family, to be at their school activities, to not have to work regimented hours.

If you have a decision to make and you are not sure what to do just visualise what your future would look like, then ask which path will get me there.  How does it feel in your heart and gut?  I find meditation is great for silencing the mind chatter and allowing me to connect with what I truly want from life.

Have a great day and MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU xx

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