What is focussed mindfulness?

As with all mindfulness practices Focussed mindfulness (FM) brings your painful issues into your conscious mind allowing you to get a healthier perspective on them. FM differs in that it can bring about deep healing of your particular issues then and there so you are not left to deal with unresolved feelings. Once this has been experienced the practice becomes an easy and reliable way to deal with the ‘’baggage’’ that blocks us from the peaceful consciousness that lies in the core of our being.

This means that with regular practice it continues to support healing and can be a valuable practice for people who have suffered trauma or have chronic health conditions. And for all of us, the more we are in touch with our peaceful consciousness  the more it affects our experience of the world:  we become more engaged with life, confident and open to all experiences that we encounter knowing that it cannot touch the deep sense of security we have within.

Focussed mindfulness is a quick, simple and deeply profound approach that brings about spiritual, mental and physical healing. The techniques I use are safe, invaluable tools for working with people suffering from emotional or physical pain.

It can help you:-

  • to connect with your body, acknowledging any emotional or physical pain present.
  • to release the fixed judgements and beliefs that we accept without question.
  • to become aware of a deeper, and often unconscious issue that is influencing your current dis-ease
  • to say what you really needed to say in a painful situation but couldn’t at the time, allowing you to express yourself and let go of harboured feelings

Clients have seen results in just one session, so contact me now for a free 30 minute consultation

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